*  Scanlan Center for School Mental Health

A full day of sessions prioritizing Mental Health for PreK through 12th grade students and staff.

The well-being of students and staff must be at the forefront of discussion in schools. Learn how the Scanlan Center for School Mental Health can assist you and your schools, districts, AEAs, universities/colleges, and key stakeholders to support the well-being of PreK-12 students and educators.

*  Managing Dual Enrollment, Joint Enrollment, Concurrent Enrollment and PSEO
Helping school counselors advise students on college credit options.

 Each year, tens of thousands of Iowa high school students enroll in community college coursework. It has become increasing difficult for school counselors to advise these students and their families on how these courses transfer into Iowa’s 4-year college and universities. This session will address these challenges and what can be done to make this increasingly time-consuming part of your job easier.

*  Counselor Roundtable
 High school counselors know everything that is happening in their schools, but they do not often have the time or opportunity to talk to other counselors, to learn what is going on in other schools across the state. Meet with your counterparts to discuss shared challenges, issues, resources and trends.

*  Host Campus – University of Iowa
While in Iowa City, spend two hours with the University of Iowa. Learn more about their programs and what IOWA is doing to increase student access and success.