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As we prepare for another year of college admissions and a new year at our K-12 schools in Iowa, Iowa ACAC continues to work toward serving our members to best support students and families in the college admissions process. As a school counselor and College/Career Transition Counselor, I know how important relationships are to this process - not only with our students - but with all of the professionals who support students along the journey to college. Having just finished with the R.I.D.E., our students in Iowa are incredibly lucky to have a wide range of postsecondary options. We have an institution for every student, whether it be within the state of Iowa or just across the border.


As an organization, we must continue to foster relationships between high schools, community-based organizations, and our institutions of higher education across the state of Iowa and our membership. The last few years have shown that we rely on these relationships to support students. 

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