The Iowa ACAC conference hosted by the University of Iowa was a huge success. I walked away energized and excited about the year ahead. Every time I have the chance to meet and talk with other admission professionals and school counselors, I am reminded of the unique role we play in a student’s life during and after high school. There were so many great presenters and our phenomenal keynote speaker, Dr. Jared Smith, had the whole room buzzing with a rock, paper, scissors posse.

I was happy to see so many first-time attendees. Please continue to get involved with Iowa ACAC through Admission Counselor University, member meet ups, Visit the Hill, or the RIDE. Another great opportunity to meet others and get involved is by joining one of Iowa ACAC’s committees. I guarantee you will not regret it and will meet some very dedicated professionals.

I am grateful to Drew Shradel and Jaclyn Tungesvik for their leadership and work with Iowa ACAC in the presidential cycle. Thank you to Sheryl Bass for agreeing to serve as President-Elect. I am honored to serve in the role of President of Iowa ACAC and look forward to working with many of you this year to advance Iowa ACAC’s goals and initiatives. We are a strong organization because of our dedicated executive board, committee members and passionate members who believe so strongly in the work we do!

Thank you,
Chevy Freiburger
Iowa ACAC President


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