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Did You All Come in One Car? 3 Tips for An Amazing Presentation

Presentations are something that we’re all familiar with. Whether you are watching one or giving it, chances are you know what works and what doesn’t. However, in case you don’t know what else to improve on as a presenter, here are three tips to help ensure you are giving an amazing presentation:

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Are We Confusing the Higher Education Consumer?

Discount rate, net price, average indebtedness, college rankings, early decision, highly selective, selective, open admission, AP credits, dual credit, enrollment fees, deposits, graduation rates, completion rates, we’re No. 1, they’re No.1 and the list goes on and on!  Are you confused yet?

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New Year, New Goals

Life in admissions moves fast from September–November, then we take time to focus on family and friends (and hopefully a little less on work) in December, and January brings another new year and another opportunity to work on those “resolutions.” The truth is, that despite our best intentions, sometimes we forget, or run out of time, to focus on self-improvement. Practicing mindfulness is an easy way to focus on ourselves during those hectic times.  

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Two Minutes With...Shalon Frye

Shalon Frye has come full circle. She started as an elementary teacher in 2000 at Independence Community Schools, and after three years decided to go back to school for her school counseling degree at UNI, which eventually brought her back "home" to Independence.

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Calling all High School Counselors!

Why should high school counselors be involved with Iowa ACAC?  Being involved with Iowa ACAC has been one of the best professional development activities I have ever done. The reality is, as high school counselors we are also college admissions counselors. Iowa ACAC is a great support for high school counselors. Here is how I got involved:

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IMAGINE What You Could Do

Ashlee Duimstra is in her fourth year as a school counselor at East High School in Des Moines. Before that, she was a school counselor in Knoxville, Iowa, for three years. She says being a member of Iowa ACAC helps keep her in the know on what's happening in college admissions, so she can share those resources with her students...and some of those resources came from her making time to take one step.

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