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Things I Wish You Knew - Part 2

Our Iowa ACAC blog series "Things I Wish You Knew" focuses on survey responses received from admissions counselors, school counselors, upper level admissions staff, recent college admits and their parents to offer a new perspective into their lives, which will hopefully impact the way you interact with these individuals. Watch for a survey in the future in your Inbox!

In this second part of the series, we focus on the admission counselor perspective - "Things I wish you knew, as an upper-level admissions staff member or high school counselor.”

Here is what some admissions counselors had to say (surveyed through Iowa ACAC membership):

What is one thing you wish school counselors would do regularly, but don’t?

Encourage students to take four years of a world language in high school.

Check in with the admissions counselor about how courses transfer! We can help you make sure that the courses your student takes for college credit will apply. Just reach out and ask.

What is one thing a school counselor has done for you that you appreciated?

Taken two or three minutes out of their busy day to check in and chat when I arrive for a high school visit. I know that they are doing so many important things in their days, but being on the road can be kind of lonely, and it's great to have those few moments of connection.

They sent a follow up email thanking me for my time and complimented me on the way I handled myself with a particular student situation.

What is one thing you wished upper-level admissions staff members in your office would do regularly, but don’t?

Sit in on appointments or presentations of newer staff members. Give feedback, both good AND constructive, to all staff, but especially newer staff members.

Provide flex time for some of the extra events we participate in and the time on the road. We give up a good portion of our time for extra events; a few flex hours would help give us work-life balance.

Describe a time an upper level admissions staff member in your office did something you appreciated.

They decided to have me sit in on a marketing meeting to give my perspective as a "boots on the ground" staff member to allow for insight from the admissions counselor side of things.

After the Thanksgiving holiday, our director made the effort to stop by every single person's office and ask how their long weekend was and chat for a few minutes. That personal touch made everyone feel valued and important.

If you could give one or two pieces of advice to upper level admissions staff members in your office, what would it be?

Some of us are brand new to admissions and haven't gone through a whole year to understand all the different components of admissions. Communicate with your staff and let them know when they are doing something right, and address problems directly so they know what they can improve.

Spend a day doing what counselors have to do.

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