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Professional Development – On a Budget!

Although nothing beats human interaction and learning in-person, webinars can be a wonderful way to encourage and participate in continued learning and professional development without leaving campus! Photo by BSGStudio

It isn't uncommon for admissions and other higher education professionals to desire opportunities to learn more about the students they assist/advise/recruit, the people they work with and the dynamic field they work in. So, why don't offices have more opportunities for their employees to attend conferences? Although there are many reasons, time away from the office and cost seem to be the most common.

Webinars are a great solution! Many webinars are of little to no cost to participate. They can be as (or even more) interactive than those you attend in person at a conference and they can often be watched at a later date, if the event time doesn't work with your schedule. If you struggle to focus on a webinar for an hour in your office, try going somewhere new on campus, outside with a laptop, or even down the road at a coffee shop to get the feeling of a new experience. If you are watching a webinar without participation, ask a co-worker or a friend from another institution to watch it and debrief with you after!
If you're struggling to find relevant webinars, here are a couple of my favorite links!

 1. Target X presented at the Iowa ACAC conference last year; I appreciated their in-person presentation, so much that I signed up to receive webinar invites. They cover a wide variety of topics and you can watch them post-presentation as well (for free!).
 2. College Board has a great archive of many webinars to watch (for free) and the option to use relevant ones for CEU (continuing education credits).
3. NACAC also has webinars available. These are typically free for members, but may require a fee to participate for non-members. Don't forget to have your institution check out their new pricing models for membership.

 Do you have webinars to share? Let us know and we'd be happy to share them in the July Scenes!
Email them to [email protected]
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