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Lend A Hand

I still consider myself a newbie in admissions, but Iowa ACAC has opened my eyes to what a career in admissions can be. 

Shortly after starting in admissions, I joined the College Day/College Night (CD/CN) Committee and helped organize the fall and spring fairs. After doing that for about two years, I became chairman of the CD/CN Committee.

I have only officially been the chair of this committee for a few months, but it has already opened the door for me to meet so many great people! The admissions world is filled with a ton of people worth getting to know and by getting involved you get the opportunity to meet them.

If you were like me and don’t know what each committee does, I have two suggestions for you:
  1. Reach out to the chairs of the committees that sound interesting to you. Everyone’s email can be found on the Iowa ACAC website.
  2. Ask someone in your office if they have been involved or if they know anything about the different committees.
Now, how do you join a committee? One way is to fill out the Lend a Hand form on the homepage of the Iowa ACAC website. That form will make its way to the chairs of the committees you selected. Or, feel free to reach out directly to the committee chairs to let them know you would like to join the committee.
Iowa ACAC can be a great resource for you, so utilize it and get involved!

Learn more about being on the Executive Board or a Committee in our Roles and Responsibilities Manual!
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