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Because We’ve Always Done it This Way

Campuses have been hosting events and visits for as long as most of us can remember. But, just because your institution’s visits and events have always looked a certain way, is that the way they need to stay?

Sometimes making a change is as easy as paying attention to what’s going on around you. Is there a cool event happening in your community that you can create a visit or event around? Maybe a student organization is hosting an event on campus; how can that be utilized to Admissions’ benefit? Is an academic department hosting an event for current students that would be appropriate to invite prospective students to?

At the University of Iowa, all it took was looking across the street to find a little inspiration. Last summer, a new visit program called “Friday Night Live” was created, implementing a downtown food crawl into the visit. In feedback from the visit’s first year, visitors loved the chance to get to see downtown as a part of their visit:

“The Friday Night Live tour was amazing. It really showed everything Iowa City has to offer and how accessible it is to campus. We absolutely adored Iowa City! That is a huge selling point for the school.”

Summer is a great time to day dream, think about all the possibilities (that may be closer than you think,) and finding a new way of doing things!

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