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Recruiting as a Millennial

As we know, a millennial (Gen Y) is anyone born between 1981-1996, while our newest generation the "Gen Z’s" are classified as anyone born in 1997 and onward. Now, for a while I detested being categorized as a millennial – mostly because my grandparents and other people of older generations that were in my life (and we’ve probably all heard these statements or maybe it was just me, growing up in a small farming, conservative community in Minnesota) would often say, “Oh those millennials, they don’t know how to work.” Or, “We’re in trouble with these kids.” And so on and so on. I often thought to myself, that is not me at all. Now, at times, I find myself saying or thinking those exact same things (or worse) about the Gen Z’s. But how is that fair? What are we saying about the people that raised us and even now ourselves (those of us that are parents/guardians)?

As I accepted my role as a millennial, I have learned that recruiting this new generation is different. They are wanting to see diverse programs that maybe I or we didn’t have any clue existed when we were on the college search (or maybe they didn't). These students want fast responses - “instant gratification,” you might say. They have had so much technology at their fingertips their whole lives (for example, I didn’t know about social media until I was a senior in college, THANK GOODNESS). This generation is more diverse than ever. But one thing has stayed consistent:  their desire to feel and be valued.

And how exciting is that for college admissions and recruiting teams?! Our jobs are never boring, ever-changing, these students are always keeping us guessing, while we are trying to stay on our toes and on trend. I love it and I know each of you do to, otherwise you wouldn’t do what you do. Embrace each generation. We learn and grown from each one, just like individuals.

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