Friendly Competition

If your office is working similarly to ours, you don't see all of your co-workers face to face each day or week. Maybe you're on an in-office rotation, maybe you're strictly working from home. If that's the case, you're probably struggling to continue that team bonding and cohesiveness you once had pre-Covid. Perhaps you're wanting some new ideas to connect - or maybe you have some to share!

 UNI's transfer team started our first competition by each submitting a photo of a purple-themed food item they created, then went to social media to select a winner. Our freshman recruitment team was asked to do the next round with a gold-themed food competition. Once again, our social media followers selected the winner (spoiler alert, it was me. My Golden Apple Crisp was crowned victorious). It was a fun way to interact outside of our zoom meetings and on a more social level, without going out to a social outing. We also submitted photos of our pets in UNI gear - but they were all too cute so that turned into a non-competition post.

Happy Friday! Blessing your feed with our four-legged cuties rocking purple and gold! Feel free to share your pets in the comments below!

Posted by UNI Office of Admissions on Friday, October 30, 2020

 So it's your turn - what are you doing to foster relationships within your office/team? How are you finding ways to bond and support each other emotionally, as physical distance increases and in-person interactions are reduced? Make sure you're checking in on each other. This is a hard season for all people, for a variety of reasons. Make a weekly challenge to check in on one person from your team on a non-work level or topic, and don't forget that your supervisors may also be struggling and it's okay to check on them, too.

A casual conversation can go a long way in this time of isolation and change.


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