6 Tips to Healthier Eating Habits on the Road or in the Office

Everyone’s clothing shrunk during the pandemic, right?

The start of the school year, the ongoing pandemic, schedule disruptions, increased personal and professional demands, stress and anxiety can all disrupt healthy eating.

It is so easy to just grab a snack, skip a meal and/or turn to foods high in sugar and fat. Support your physical and mental wellbeing with healthy eating. I know it is not always easy!

Here are a few tips and suggestions to reinforce what you already know and help you navigate the fall term:

  • Plan and enjoy an occasional treat — pick a few days of the week to indulge a little bit.
  • Load up on your favorite fruits – if I have grapes or watermelon at the office, I’ll eat them. If I don’t, it’s Starbursts and M&M’s – which aren’t even very good!
  • Get active over lunch just a couple days per week – go for a walk, throw a football with a colleague, and have a healthy lunch waiting when you are back at your desk.
  • Put down that device! Read a book at night – Research has shown that reading books has many benefits for both your physical and mental health.
  • Sleep! – Getting too little sleep is related to both over-eating and an increased desire for energy-dense, high calorie foods.
  • Practice mindful, self-compassion – Feeling guilty, shameful, or angry towards yourself can continue the emotional eating cycle. The best gift you can give yourself is love and self-kindness.

Best wishes for a safe and healthy fall!

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