COVID Holiday Celebrations

In January and September I compiled lists of lessons learned since the start of the pandemic for SCENES. Lessons such as buying TP and Clorox wipes anytime you had the chance, and the most flattering angle for video calls.

As we approach yet another COVID holiday season, I attempt to compile another light-hearted list of ways to safely celebrate and relax during the holiday season:

  1. Take time off! No really, set your out-of-office and do not check your email! People will understand!
  2. Holiday socks and masks can be a bit of “flair” for the season if you can’t wear ugly/festive sweaters at work.
  3. Hallmark Christmas movies can be really relaxing to watch.
  4. Keep up the hand sanitizer and vitamins during your time away from the office!
  5. Get movie theater popcorn (or snacks from home) and drive around looking at holiday lights.
  6. Make the wild gingerbread house - set your perfection aside!
  7. Make cookies – I have ugly sweater and ninja cookie cutters to add some fun to the snowmen and reindeer.
  8. Find a local charity or care-and-share opportunity and go shopping for toys and other items for local families in need. It can be a great way to justify checking out the toy aisle!
  9. It’s a great time to read a book for fun!
  10. Sweatpants are totally acceptable for daily wear during the holiday season!
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