Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! I know, there aren’t fireworks, champagne or silly hats and glasses, but it’s just as important for us in education.

With the turning of the school calendar, I wanted to take this opportunity to first introduce myself as President of Iowa ACAC this year and give a few encouraging words moving forward.

As an Iowan born and bred from the Quad Cities, I went to Pleasant Valley High School (it was smaller then) and attended Wartburg College for undergrad for journalism. I worked in Washington, Iowa, in radio for two years before landing here at Cornell College where I have been in admission for eight years, now as the Director of Admission.

This year brings a lot of excitement, and I know that is cliché, but truly, this year will be THE most normal since Covid began. It doesn’t mean there are not still concerns, or that it is over, but our collective confidence is greater and our ability to adapt has become much easier than that first wave. With that in mind, our organization must also make that switch.

For the last three years, our Past-Presidents have done an amazing job putting Iowa ACAC in a position that we can continue to provide the many resources we have always provided to our members and then some. With that said, the next few years, starting this year, is our time to take the leap forward. The Executive Board got a chance to have our first retreat, and I am excited with the new ideas that we have to propel us forward in all of our committees.

Now, a final piece and reminder. Iowa ACAC is your organization. We are here in these positions to help in many aspects of all of our jobs, but our main goal is to create programs that satisfy the needs of you, our members. Please always feel free to reach out to our exec board and myself, let us know what you need and what you would like. We have a fantastic opportunity now - let’s use it!

Finally, your piece of encouragement. We have all been through hell and back and yet we’re still here, we’re still smiling, we are still doing what is best for the students, the ones that we are here for. Take time every day to enjoy what you are doing. We can get so wrapped up in everything else going on that it is difficult to see the positives, but they are there if we take the time to acknowledge them. Once you do, celebrate them.

Have a great year.

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