Hello? Can You Read Me Now?

Working in Admissions 30 years ago, I regularly received letters, postcards, and flyers in the mail from Iowa ACAC with information on college fair registration, the individual fairs, spring conference, the Scenes newsletter, events, etc. I'd read each and every item, save as needed, note on a calendar, hold on to, or toss. We do all of those same things today, but electronically.

Unfortunately, we all get inundated with email and it's sometimes overwhelming. Then we become selective. Then we overlook. Then we miss out. 

Effective communication is important for your office to run smoothly, right? It's also important for our Association to run smoothly. Communication is a two-way street  - the sender and the receiver both have a part to play for the communication to be effective. 

Iowa ACAC communicates through three main channels -  the Iowa ACAC listserv, social media, and contact center emails, through which this newsletter and other individualized communications are delivered. 

Only members are able to receive or send listserv messages. Anyone who receives listserv messages can also send them. The instructions are always on our home page:

To send a message, simply send your email exactly as you want it to be read by the recipient to [email protected]. Edits are not able to be made on the admin end. Once you send the email, it will be released to the listserv within 24 hours.

Has it been over 24 hours since you sent the message? Give me a nudge.

If you are not receiving emails from the listserv, and would like to, simply log in to your profile, click on My Features and E-lists. Key Contacts in each member organization may also access their team members profiles and add them. Need a hand? Email me at [email protected] and I can help!

Every member also has the full capability to opt out of the listserv or contact center communications. Before you opt out, keep in mind that every piece of communication we deliver to you via the listserv or email (like Scenes) is thought out. It's meant to keep our members informed, receive input from you, seek action, educate, remind, or simply give you food for thought. 

One of my favorite sayings, which I saw in a school counseling office MANY years ago, is, "Lack of planning on your part, does not constitute an emergency on mine." Being informed is part of planning. Just like those papers long ago, open each and every item you receive. Maybe you save them in a folder to read at the end of the week or to scan at the end of the day. Whatever it takes. Check them out.

To ignore, hit delete, or assume you have no need to know, means running the chance of missing out on something big or something your office needs to know. 

Knowledge is power. Be power-full. 

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