From the Other Side

"Hello from the outside
At least I can say that I've tried
To tell you I'm sorry for breaking your heart"
Adele really hit me with the feels while I started writing and made it so fitting to share a verse. The other side is almost what we would imagine as recruiters, schedules, emotions, schedules, and future planning. 

I started in the admissions world in 2013 as a student ambassador for Hawkeye Community College and the love continued to grow. My first full time job out of college was the Admissions Representative for Diverse Populations at Hawkeye. The experience I gained as an Admissions Representative enhanced my passion for high school students. I am now on the other side as the College and Career Coach at Don Bosco High School, in Gilbertville, and obtaining my masters in School Counseling at UNI

I AM LOVING ALL OF IT! Now I am nowhere near retired Cedar Falls counselor, Susan Langen, or former Clarksville counselor, Tonya Poppe. However, when I started my recruiter job with Hawkeye, I was nowhere near the Kirkwood team in knowledge and personality. Some would say by the end of my experience, I was close ;) 

I am enjoying having ONE high school with ONE senior class. It allows me to put a lot of my energy into following ICAN’s 9-12 grade checklist to prepare them for their future. The ICAN material is truly so helpful to share with parents, especially if they are questioning my action plan. Thanks fellow ICAN team! 

As I go through my next career stage my heart is filled when I think of where post undergrad led me. Iowa ACAC is truly one of the best communities either side can be a part of. I value the support I received from fellow recruiters, and look forward to keeping you all close. 

A grad student, a new role in a high school and personal life have all been filled with new blessings and challenges. As a team member on the “other side” I am a strong advocate for admissions reps and will always have snacks and water in my office for you! 

Go RedTails?! Go Dons! 

“Awesome” Abby Martin

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