An Open Letter to BIPOC Professionals

Dear BIPOC Professional, 

Know that you are seen, you are heard, and you are needed. Even if there are times that you feel like your knowledge is not asked for, or considered, know that you being where you are is important. Whether you are starting your career now, or have been in higher-ed for decades, know that you are seen by many families and coworkers looking for someone like you.

If you don’t think you are making a direct impact in people’s lives, trust me, you are. Representation truly matters, you just being here, matters. Remember when you were first looking at college or struggled seeing yourself at any college because no one looked like you? Now, think about that last BIPOC student you saw and picture yourself, seeing you there. That comfort of seeing you in your position, in that building, in that room, that is the comfort you didn’t even know you needed. That is what truly matters

Make sure to learn to make connections, build them, and maintain them. You will find some of the most amazing people as you travel throughout the Midwest. All are supportive and this allows you to bounce ideas back and forth, bring your issues to a broader audience for advice, and even build a stronger professional career.

BIPOC professionals keep growing in these fields, we keep moving up in our professions, we keep opening doors for others, although sometimes it feels like windows. We are here to stay, we are here to help, we are here. Even if it’s a struggle at the beginning, what hasn’t? We’ve faced many judgements on the day to day by others, but we will persevere together. Next time you feel alone as the only BIPOC in your space, reach out to me or others you’ve met on the road.

Con mucho cariño y amor,

Gabriel Hernández Acosta ‘16
Tambien Hablo Español | He/Him/His
Associate Director of Enrollment Operations & Slate Captain
Mount Mercy University | Admissions Department
Email: [email protected]

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