Professional Development During COVID-19

In light of everything happening in our society today, you might think that professional development has been put on the backburner, but it is actually quite the opposite. Each type of company, association, and higher education news website is trying so hard to provide guidance and assistance to all of us in higher education as we navigate these unprecedented times. While we have continued to stay busy, it is a different type of busy that might offer more flexibility in our daily schedules, allowing us to catch some of these webinars and professional development experiences.

So where do we begin in searching for these opportunities to continue with professional development?

  1. Emails! If you have ever attended a conference, completed a training, or signed up for a webinar, you are most likely getting emails from higher education consultants promoting their webinar. They are not always trying to sell you a product. They are taking time to talk about trends and information they have gathered and want to share it with you.
  2. Peers & Supervisors! Ask your peers what they are listening to. We always have to help each other out! Higher Education News Websites are always promoting great trainings and webinar to join.
  3. Our state and national associations! Iowa ACAC and NACAC are constantly in conversation trying to bring the best to you, especially with the times we are in.
  4. Get involved with associations, organizations, or clubs that are of interest to you. Involvement could be in Iowa ACAC, organizations at your institution, or something outside of campus!

Here are some quick resources on where to find some PD experience:

Inside Higher Ed Virtual Events:

NACAC Webinars:

ReLearning Podcast: Apple Podcast or any other Podcast app

Times Higher Education Podcast: Apple Podcast or any other Podcast app

Stay tuned for new Professional Development opportunities coming to Iowa ACAC soon! Please remember to always check your email from our Listserv. And, as always, if you would like to get involved with Iowa ACAC, fill out our Lend a Hand form at


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