The Impact of Latinos Unidos of Iowa

Latinos Unidos of Iowa is a non-profit organization led and founded by Lena Robinson. Last year, I served on the Board of Directors as their Scholarship Liaison and wanted to take some time to highlight the incredible work that LU does every day. One of the primary missions of this organization is to meet and connect with Latinx students and individuals throughout Iowa, providing resources for students as well as offering scholarships to students pursuing associate, undergraduate, graduate, and post-graduate programs in Iowa.

A handful of colleges in Iowa have already established matching scholarship pledges which doubles a student’s scholarship awarded by LU for the year. While the scholarship is only granted for one year, student recipients are encouraged to reapply each year as previous recipients have a greater chance of being selected again. This organization also provides incredible career and college resources through annual programming, in addition to opportunities to connect with Iowa’s Latinx population through cultural activities and programming. Everyone involved with LU, including the Board of Directors, have volunteered their time, energy, and expertise to contribute to the incredible mission of the organization to ensure the connection of all Latinx individuals in the state, whether that is through support and advocacy, career and college development, or cultural events.

While I no longer serve on the board as Scholarship Liaison, my year involved with Latinos Unidos of Iowa was an incredible experience. To know that such an organization exists to uplift Iowa’s Latinx population is incredibly inspiring, and I hope that other colleges, universities, and businesses will begin to support and collaborate with this organization. The potential for good that can come from continued and deepened support of this organization can only be seen in a positive way, since diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts in Iowa – and nationwide – are vital to ensuring that all people and all students have a chance to pursue their dreams and realize their full potential. I hope that anyone who wishes to help enact change or be a force for good in the state considers donating to the organization – whether that be time, money, expertise, or other resources. After all, one resounding stereotype of Iowa is the concept of “Iowa nice,” and now is the perfect time for us to come together to prove that stereotype right.

man sitting in chairDrew Readel, Senior Assistant Director of Admission and Financial Aid , Central College
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